Well, it definitely wasn’t the welcome party that ol’ Joe was hoping for when he arrived in New Jersey to tour the damage caused by Hurricane Ida.

Watch as these Patriots yell exactly what they think of Biden as his police escorted black SUV drives by them…



Biden took some time off from his vacation for a few photo ops walking down streets lined with devastation. As he strolled with his camera crew and handlers, the residents called him “tyrant” “pedophile” “despicable” and other very fitting adjectives.

CLICK HERE to watch the entire scene plus more footage of the resident in chief as he wanders around mumbling and bumbling waiting for someone to tell him what to do next. Turn up your speakers so you can hear the clear messages that the neighbors have for him.

Joe, go back to your basement buddy.  We The People are tired of your lies and goal of destroying the nation that we love!