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Sheriff’s Officer Resigns from a Job He Loves Over Liberal Politics that Endanger Police

We’ve watched as police officers in America have been harassed, jailed, fired, threatened, beaten, and even murdered for simply doing their jobs. Their faces are blasted on liberal media for an incident that happened in the line of duty without any journalist investigating what actually happened.

This not only endangers the officer, but also their families.

More officers are standing against the radical defund the police agenda as criminals walk free and citizens are left in harm’s way throughout our country. Deputy Sheriff Spencer Shiflett is one of these brave law enforcement officers that is standing his ground.

Deputy Shiflett submitted the following resignation letter to Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff in Maryland…

To Whom It May Concern,

​I, Deputy Sheriff Spencer Shiflett #594, of Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff, after much thought and consideration, hereby declare my intention to terminate my employment with this agency within the course of two weeks’ time. I am turning in my two weeks’ notice on September 8, 2021, and my last available day to work for this agency will be September 22, 2021.

I am grateful to have been considered and hired as a Deputy for this agency, and given some great opportunities during my year in the academy and my year on the street. I will not take these for granted. However, the course that law enforcement has begun to wander down in the last year or two seems to be a very slippery slope.

Many times I have found myself hesitant to do what I have been trained to do, as I know the consequences for my actions, however pure the intent, could put my job situation and my quality of life in a far less desirable position. I believe that many officers in this county and in this state share my fear of what has become policing in this day and age. Many times I fear the punishment and suspension of the department, more than the dangers we face on the street.

My first thought many times as we receive a call for service that relates to violence, is not “What if this person means me harm”, it is more along the lines of “Is this the day I lose my job and my family over doing what I was trained to do.” Many who aren’t in my shoes, or haven’t been for some time will have much to say about my “paranoia” or that I’m not confident in my craft and what I can and can not do. Most who share my day to day experiences in this changing culture, have these thoughts more than they would feel comfortable voicing.

I joined law enforcement due to a dream that I had when I was a young boy. That I would be a patriot. That I would serve wherever my country needed me. To help those who are not capable of helping themselves. But in 2021, we are working with our hands tied. Officers are afraid to do what they know needs to be done.

We know that if our actions go viral on a social media post, or the actions make national headlines, many fear that we will be the ones used as an example for the mobs that scream for unreasonable and ineffective levels of police reform. Their cries are unreasonable and unintelligible, yet for fear of the mob, this state and this county compromises not only the effectiveness of its law enforcement, but the safety of the officers that are sworn to protect and serve in these unprecedented times.

The fighting against the LEOBR was a stepping stone, and will continue to mold what law enforcement becomes for future generations. Budgets are unreasonably cut for much needed training and equipment which put our standing officers and new officers at an unfair disadvantage. All of this, just to appease those who scream for change. Most of us all agree that changes need to be made in many areas, but heightening the dangers to the lives of those who already are underpaid and many times risk their lives for others, is clearly the most nonsensical way to accomplish those goals.

Many have lost motivation to do their jobs to the fullest, and those who do are no longer confident. I do not envy those who are new coming into this field of work in these politically motivated conditions. I cannot in good conscience, continue to work in a job that has changed so violently and unfairly towards those who fight for good.

In just the two years since I was hired, more has changed to hurt the good guys and help the bad guys than the other way around. Many on the streets see this as true and will not speak up and will not look for other employment options because they have other mouths to feed. I’m blessed to still be single and be able to make these changes to my career that many cannot. I will, however, state my grievances with some of the systems failures.

I knew coming into this job that the system is not perfect and never will be, but often it seems like the people I put in jail are out before I can finish my report. More times than I care to admit, I have looked into the eyes of a crying woman or child, and I, or my squadmates, will have to tell them, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can really do.” I know no system will ever be perfect, but I cannot participate in something this ineffective that is not bound to change. Even if I had continued to be motivated to try to make the change myself, it is not worth it to me to risk the wholeness of my family and the remainder of my better years, just to hit a glass ceiling at the point people realize that I don’t play politics.

After all of the injustices and the inconsiderate motions made by the state and the county towards us peace officers, now they attempt to disrespect our personal wishes and strip away our clear, personal right to choose not to be vaccinated. I do not mistreat or look down on those who have chosen to take the vaccine in any way if they believe that it is the best decision for them. I have stayed out of it, as it is not my business what their medical preferences are, nor should it in any way be my concern.

However, the amount of times I have felt the need to explain my preferences, and explain to those who make a point to disagree and even attempt to belittle my decision to remain unvaccinated is nauseating. It is unfair and unconstitutional to try to force me to put a vaccine in my body that I do not believe is necessary for me or those I love. The fact that the county executive felt the need to overlord over the employees of this county, is purely tyrannical and unamerican.

I won’t be taking the vaccine, nor will I be paying for a new COVID test every week out of my own pocket. The fact that this is even a crossroads I find myself at, goes to show what state Prince George’s County government and the government of Maryland and even America finds itself in at this point. I will not sit compliantly by and remain silent and follow orders like a robot when they take away my rights and my freedoms.

I trust God and His plan for me and my life, more than I trust in the flawed and experimental efforts of the beings He created. I believe this Department should have made an adamant stand against the incredibly invasive order to force vaccinations and shared medical statuses among its employees. But those who think that the vaccine is vital, scream much louder than those that believe it should be everyone’s right to make their own decisions and keep that information private. So we appease the former.

I cannot in good conscience continue to participate in a government with as many unjustifiable flaws as those I’ve laid out. Many will disagree, and I am sure most will judge. Some will even hate and lose respect. Within the hearts and minds of those, lies the downfall of future generations. My decade long dream of law enforcement was swiftly turned into a nightmare, and I believe it is time I wake up and move on with my life and my family. ​

​I am again very thankful for the consideration and the employment opportunity. I have made lifelong brothers and sisters, and have learned much. I wish this county, this office, and the deputies employed by it the best of blessings and safety, and I will keep everything and everyone in my daily prayers. ​

Thank you for your time,
Deputy S. Shiflett #594

I along with everyone at the Conservative Business Journal supports Deputy Shiflett and all law enforcement officers. Thank you for your bravery to keep our families safe and stand against the evil (in all forms) that is trying to destroy our great nation.


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