We know for a fact that Joe Biden is very frustrated over the “F Joe Biden” flags that he sees on the side of the road.

He said so himself.

And what’s really bad news for Joe, is that the F Joe Biden chant has become a national pastime at college football games and other events all across the country.

After the Afghanistan debacle, it’s as if the country said, “screw it” and went balls to the wall against Biden, with no apologies, and no holding back.

And behind all that anger is more than just Afghanistan – it’s also the 2020 election, vax mandates, inflation, gas prices, lies, cheating, and his obvious raging case of dementia or some other cognitive issue that’s out of control.

So, the Biden backlash has been coming for a while, but I think Afghanistan is what tipped it over the edge.


And now, when Joe ventures out of his basement, he’s seeing that anger and that frustration manifest its self on the sides of the US roads, as his motorcade rolls into towns all across America.

And that’s exactly what he saw as his Handlers drove him into Boise today, where he was there to discuss wildfires – but sadly, Joe couldn’t discuss much – Handlers had the feed to the video cut when he started rambling.

Maybe the cat caught his tongue because of this…??

Here’s what Joe saw as he made his way down the streets of Boise:

I don’t know about you, but in my lifetime, I’ve never seen a “president” who is so widely disliked by so many Americans.

It’s shocking, but I am glad it’s happening.

This is called karma and it serves Joe right for taking what wasn’t his to begin with.

This piece was written by Sophie O’Hara on September 13, 2021. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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