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2000 Word Resolution from NYC About Racism in Public Health Mentions “Equity” 14 Times and “Hospitals” Once

New York City officials claim that the dire effects on black, Hispanic and other ethnic minorities from COVID-19 showed that healthcare is supposedly racist.
The city’s resolution [1] made public this week has plans for creating a new government committee, Data for Equity. There are various experts with extremely long job titles cited. There isn’t much, however, on public health.
A simple word-cloud exercise for the full-text of the resolution shows that “equity” and “justice” are mentioned many, many times in the 2000-word resolution. Equity appears 14 times. The words “illness” and “medicine” do not appear anywhere is this published document meant to address public health. Not once. The word “disease” is mentioned twice. “Hospitals” is mentioned one time.
The city of New York apparently is a lot more interested in political solutions. We were silly enough, perhaps, to think it was science.
Bill de Blasio, on his way out the door, is facing an exit as a very unpopular mayor of the Big Apple. His fumbled policies and signaling to interest groups and identity politics left his office spinning like a weather vane and few people were satisfied with his management.
Overall, when we hear public health officials talking about “blood pressure”, “exercise”, “nutrition”, “hospitals”, “preventative medicine”, Americans will be more inclined to listen.
The current resolution has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.