Northeast Ohio is considered a forerunner in medicine and the Cleveland Clinic consistently ranks just below the Mayo Clinic globally. Despite that, Clevelanders and interested observers are scratching their heads over the lack of information regarding cause-of-death for three high-ranking Cuyahoga County judges.

Nancy McDonnell, Joseph Russo, and Larry A Jones Sr. all died within 10 days in late September to early October. All of them, within 18 days of Cuyahoga County’s vaccine mandate for employment. Their causes of death are noticeably absent from the very brief obits and news articles in local Ohio media.

Some persons with underlying conditions or health concerns have, reasonably, been hesitant to get the vaccine. One of these judges, Nancy McDonnell, was a twelve-year survivor of a double-lung transplant. UK data from the NHS indicates that ten years is a better-than-average survival rate for such patients. Her cause of death has not been noticeably disclosed.

Another judge was Joseph Russo. At only age 59, he died unexpectedly. A local source in Ohio notes his cause of death was not disclosed.


Judge Larry A. Jones Sr., 67, died on Oct 7. Again, the cause of death conspicuously absent and the news articles conspicuously short.

A common epithet in the news media presently is that of “unexpected” or “short-term” illness causing the death of a vaccinated person from COVID-19. The American hard-left, including the media, have joined a stampede against vaccine holdouts as the cause for the US’ ills.

That being the case, they cannot brook any information suggesting COVID vaccines are not the holy grail. So, COVID complications despite vaccinations are often buried. One of the most recent examples was former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell.

All three judges serve on courts falling within the county mandate. All three were under 70 years of age. Health officials In the county set a jab-or-job deadline for Oct 15 for all county employees, which included these judges. Receipt of one of the big three, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna, was mandated.

This is not a straight-line between historically under-tested new vaccines and COVID complication deaths for these judges. However, the dots are suspiciously close and in the same direction.

Needless to say, it’s very suspicious there is a blanket absence of any information regarding health or cause of death for three county employees days before a hasty and risky  mandate. And these mandates are carrying the team for a hard-left that is emptying the bench.