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Democratic Party Lobs a Final Effort Before Nov Elections; Another Biden Town Hall

A third Joe Biden town hall will take place on Thursday night in Baltimore.

With various local and state-level elections taking place in early November, the de facto Democratic party media needs something to cover. So with CNN at the helm, they will basically help to create that something themselves. The reality of Biden’s presidency, even for leftist establishment media, has become almost impossible to ignore.

A story [1] published on line by CNN framed the town hall as critical, given various political matters presently. “Biden’s town hall comes at a critical time for his administration.” 

Americans have eyes and ears and can see the instrument panel of the US is not good at the moment. The economy isn’t just bad, it’s bad for everyone and basic goods are jumping in price. COVID demands aren’t inconvenient anymore, they’re bordering (or, in some cases, simply are) unconstitutional. The Biden team’s foreign policy efforts have been bad. Almost no needle or gauge on that panel looks good.

The idea that since this isn’t a national election, it doesn’t matter as much, is not the case. COVID restrictions have been increasingly handed to the states, counties and cities.


As well, cultural and basic liberty measures are being projected onto the country. There are three big examples: 1) the Texas Heartbeat Bill, 2) the Loudoun County School board pagan/tribalist curriculum and the board’s scandals; one involving criminal charges of a student, and 3) the California student vaccine mandates.

These things matter and the Democratic leadership sees that these things matter. They’re coordinating things to get the message out there and CNN is helping, despite what they might say. Biden and his leadership’s plan looks to be “smash the glass, and shove the needles in that instrument panel into a comforting position.”