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Police Officer’s Brazen Daytime Shooting Shows Lightfoot’s Disaster in Chicago

The shooting of a Chicago police officer outside a strip-mall signifies the rapid decline of the The Windy City’s quality of life.

Chicago has seen 602 homicides in 2021 alone.  Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a far-left Democrat, helped cut [1] 600 staff  from Chicago PD in 2020 amidst the Defund the Police noise last year. The mayor has faced blistering criticism for her defensiveness, incompetency and sometimes bizarre, unprofessional conduct. This criticism includes public statements from David Brown, the city’s Top Cop.

Democratic politicians and local Illinois media have responded with, unfortunately, predictable things. Blame-shifting, out-of-touch priorities and non-reality based solutions. This shooting crime indicates the shockingly fast decline of ultra-soft-on-crime, ideology-based policies popular right now in deep blue American cities.

The suspect, Jovan McPherson, is recorded [2] shouting “you will die” at the officer before allegedly firing. McPherson was on probation having been linked to charges of drug possession in addition to fleeing and eluding arrest.


A disagreement with a female giving him a ride resulted in them pulling over at a strip mall. She exited the car, went into an Ulta beauty shop where workers placed her in the back of the store. Two Chicago police department officers showed up after a call. The neighborhood had recently been given extra patrol.

McPherson had entered Ulta and was acting strangely. The officers attempted to speak to the suspect, he would not cooperate. Once in the parking lot he produced a hand gun. “The officer’s body-worn camera recorded [2] McPherson shouting ‘you will die’ after he fired another shot, prosecutors said.”  At least two bullets were fired, resulting in an officer shot in the cheek.

“He was shot in the cheek. Possible through and through,” crackled the radio call [4].

McPherson faces seven new felony and other charges, including attempted murder. The officer shot in the face was released the same day from the hospital. His fellow officers saluted him as he returned, possibly for a formal statement, to the precinct later that night.  The suspect attempted to claim the officers shot first. A judge did not believe him and McPherson is being held without bond.

Reactions by Democrats in the Chicago area to this and similarly brutal crime shows serious dysfunctional thinking.

Earlier this fall, prosecutor Kim Foxx and Lori Lightfoot dueled publicly over responsibility for a fatal gang-involved shooting. Foxx had refused to prosecute.

Mayor Lightfoot has allowed 50 cops to be put on unpaid leave [5] for refusal to submit to a vaccine mandate.

Lightfoot pitched the idea of a “coming home” party to draw back residents fleeing by the thousands. The problem is obviously a lack of basic safety in the downtown areas. The mayor’s idea was so absurd and out-of-touch that even the center-left Chicago Sun-Times [6] ridiculed her for it.

Perhaps most surprising of all was part of the reaction of a Democratic Alderman in Chicago. Brian Hopkins is a Democrat-party official for the neighborhood where McPherson was arrested. He sounded deeply concerned about masks and COVID protocol: “We do know that the offender and the person he was with were not wearing masks. And there was some kind of confrontation and it’s too early to say if that confrontation was the result of them not wearing a mask.”  Again, an officer had been shot and someone is concerned about who was following mask protocol.

Deep blue cities have been wracked by skyrocketing crime rates for over a full year. Citizens with any money to relocate are doing so and this is hollowing out historic downtowns. These are America’s biggest, most prosperous cities and many of them are still international destinations. For now.

Defunding the police, pandering to narrow identity-politics voters and making everything about their hatred for our country’s last successful president. It’s a losing strategy for the hard-left and all those constituents that aren’t part of their machine. People want their streets and cities and small businesses back and are tired of philosophical answers. They want results.