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China Blasts Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile that can Overcome US Anti-Ballistic Missile System

While Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, focus on integrating woke agendas like critical race theory into the military and threaten military men and women with dishonorable discharge if they aren’t vaccinated, China is strengthening its military and developing weapons that endanger the safety of Americans.

The Daily Mail [1] reported that China secretly tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile which orbited the globe before returning to Earth to strike its target in a technological development that would overcome US anti-ballistic missile systems.

Financial Times cited five unnamed intelligence sources in a recent report [2] who said the Chinese military launched the Long March rocket in August carrying a ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’ into low orbit. The missile only missed its target by about 24 miles according to the intelligence sources, but the test proved that China’s weapons are far more advanced that US officials realized.

The missile test firing comes after China accused the Biden Administration of being overly hostile after US officials took a firm stance on Beijing’s military activity near Taiwan. Do you see how China is setting up a potential strike against our nation?


Time after time, Biden, American leaders, and even corporations and celebrities have given in to the demands of China.  Joe Biden hasn’t earned the name “Beijing Biden” for nothing.

But China’s military advancements are now seriously endangering our lives.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) harvests organs from its own citizens. What do you think they would do to Americans?