While radical left politicians and liberal Americans continue to believe the lies of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Moscow based Russian media agency, Sputnik News, is exposing the truth.

One of their recent articles featuring Conservative Business Journal founder, John Di Lemme, titled “No ‘Smoking Gun’ to Hold ‘Power Addicted’ Fauci Liable For US-Funded Gain-of-Function Wuhan Research” uncovers the true reality of the covid czar.

Di Lemme shares his opinion on the Fauci debacle throughout the piece. Here are just a few excerpts featuring the outspoken Conservative commentator…

Weighing in on whether this prompted the WH medical advisor to lied about the now-revealed funding, as well as insisting that the COVID-19 natural origins theory was a more likely explanation than a lab leak, John Di Lemme, Political commentator and Founder of Conservative Business Journal, agreed. However, he believed that Fauci was less worried about the devastating impact caused by the outbreak. It was “getting caught” that concerned him.

Anthony Fauci will be prompted by his ego to “continue the charade”, lie and claim no knowledge of the funding, predicted John Di Lemme.

Unless a “smoking gun” is found to prove that Anthony Fauci had knowledge of grant funds being funneled towards the risky research, there is no way to hold him responsible, concluded John Di Lemme.

While Sputnik News, Di Lemme and other Conservative leaders continue to expose the truth about Dr. Anthony Fauci, his lies and exaggerations about the “pandemic” have cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives.

Now, the question is, who will pay the high price for the killing of innocent Americans?


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