COVID czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is under fresh scrutiny for government funding of unsettling experiments involving puppies. Some dogs were as young as six to eight months.

A government-scrutiny group called White Coat Waste uncovered money given for experiments. The group’s report includes labs at the University of Georgia and in the country of Tunisia.

A letter set forth by South Carolina congresswoman Nancy Mace, dated Sunday, wants answers from Dr. Fauci. The monies in question were allocated by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; the agency headed by him.

The revelations are particularly bad for the COVID front man. An experiment at the University of Georgia involved harmful infections given to dogs. Such infections were done to determine the effectiveness of a human medicine as treatment. After being kept alive for some time, the dogs were expected to be euthanized and their blood removed for research.

In another study, a lab in Tunisia allowed young puppies to be stung by sand flies for extreme lengths of time. Most gruesome of all in that study was an itemized charge for the cutting of some of those dogs’ vocal cords to eliminate the disturbing yelps and barks.


Anthony Fauci has been lambasted for his many flip-flops, demonstrable dishonesty and frequent, unbecoming appeals to his own expertise for his noticeably dysfunctional and overwrought messaging and policy work.

This latest letter comes on the heels of revelations that he funded a type of research that was–in everything but a narrow, literalistic, academic definition of the term–“gain-of-function” research. Something which he had earlier denied vociferously.

The letter was signed by 23 other congress members, including several Democrats, such as leftist representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee. The letter strongly requests that Fauci furnish information about these studies, and about related use of dogs in medical research, with a deadline of Nov 19.