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Gridlocks Deepen at Ports with Millions in Cargo While Pete Buttigieg Takes Time Off

The Secretary of Transportation, held by Pete Buttigieg is a top-level government position in which he earns over 200k per year.  His husband wrote a New York Times bestseller last fall with significant royalties.

Don’t count another man’s money? Biden team really likes counting that of others.

Government leaders are elected or appointed, hopefully, because they know the subject matter.

As the nation’s basic economy convulses, a major cause is freight: getting the goods to the stores and warehouses. Some people think free enterprise with minimal government oversight does this best. But those people aren’t in charge. Right now.

Some think government experts know best and that free enterprise or the private sector is a detail. Those people appear to be in charge.

Pete Buttigieg oversees the nation’s transportation department. He and his husband recently adopted, and he continues to enjoy paternity leave that started in August.

Yet, for as much as America’s hard-left values granular-level government managing of things, Buttigieg has been fairly hands off. “For the first four weeks after adopting [1], he was mostly offline except for major agency decisions and matters that could not be delegated”.

As this crisis gathered steam last month, Pete Buttigieg was with his husband caring for their newborn children. Taking time off for a family’s new member is expected. Yet, the stakes are high. Last week he did several interviews with sympathetic news outlets who let him push the infrastructure bill.


Millions of Americans cannot take two weeks of maternity or paternity leave even though two months, as the cost-of-living spikes and employers can’t afford their time off due to unemployment highs. Some of them even want that leave to physically recover from actually giving birth. But the trucks, the loaded ships floating off the coasts, and the understaffed warehouses are a problem for them.

Conservatives, and even most centrists, have the common sense to know he can’t solve all this. But what has he actually done in this cataclysm?

From Zip recruiter, we know that average hourly wage for an infant nanny is 23 dollars per hour. From Groupon rates, we know that Kindercare, a higher-end daycare, has a maximum tuition of about 1200 dollars per month.  Pete Buttigieg and his husband can more than afford either of those options, but instead ol’ Pete stays home and draws his salary while the economy collapses.

With a hermetic president, defensive and one-track spokespersons, the plunging economy needs to move, to transport, so other less high-profile families can enjoy the holidays with their own kids.