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Job Terminations Show Washington State’s Out-of-Touch Vax Fetish

Nick Rolovich, the successful head coach of Washington State, was effectively fired for not getting vaccinated. As an employee of a state-funded university, he’s considered, technically, a state employee.

Rolovich, whose salary was reportedly 3.2 million per year has retained a lawyer and plans to sue the school. In a Tweeted photo of a document, his lawyer claimed the athletics director showed “animus towards Coach Rolovich’s sincerely held religious beliefs . . .”

Others are not so blessed with resources to lodge a well-deserved court battle with their former employer. One state trooper discovered that his granted exemption was a weak-handed technicality. It was a butt-covering measure for HR to avoid firing a cop.

Given the choice to retrain and relocate to keep a state trooper job after he was granted a vax exemption, Robert LaMay told Gov Inslee “kiss my a—”. He quit in a now viral video.

Jay Inslee, the Democratic governor of Washington state, put in place a mandate (those are getting really popular with leftist politicians) essentially forcing people to get a vaccine. Instituted earlier in the year, the deadline for jabs was this past Monday. Some exactingly-hard-to-get exemptions were allowed, but many weren’t.

Numbers are easy to get lost in. Leftist politicians appear less eager to talk numbers when it involves people keeping their own money. But, here are shocking numbers and, yes, it involves people’s money.


In Washington State, 800,000 people are employed in sectors that were covered by the vaccine mandate. This included almost a quarter-million in education and childcare. (LA CORTE – AP > OLYMPIA). The employment number for the Evergreen State as of August was 3.92 million workers.

One in FIVE workers is directly impacted by this suffocating mandate.

This includes 127 of the 2,200 Washington State Trooper employees who are essentially fired, as of Monday. Keeping in mind the CHAZ/CHOP massacres of 2020 where alt-left protestors declared themselves a separate nation in part of Seattle, crime is a huge problem in Washington State. In 2020 alone, homicide rates vaulted by 46% percent from the year before.

This is not the time to bully already bullied cops out of their jobs.

A short perusal of any news or crime reports, even a quick search through a blue-friendly big tech search engines, will show that’s not the only crime problem.

The absorption of all state energies to prevent the transmission of a mildly harmful respiratory illness with a minuscule mortality rate has created immense immediate and secondary pain, suffering and financial disaster for countless Washington residents.

Officer LaMay signed off to the highest state authority with noted defiance. When the people in law and order dispense with decorum and tell those in charge to shove it, we know they’ve lost respect for someone and who can blame them in this case.