The suffocation of human socializing, commerce, and communication in Sydney has eased up. Somewhat…

The majority of once-universal freedoms are now afforded to only the fully vaccinated.

Various aggressive and even autocratic measures, such as banning travel beyond 3.1 miles from home and enforced control of certain purchases had been in place. These policies shocked industrialized, democratic nations as the most restrictive outside of New Zealand.

“We’ll see hospitalizations increase… but we need to learn to live alongside the virus,”  said Australian Premier Dominic Perrottet.

Limited capacity for restaurants and pubs will be in place. Hairdressers and barbers have had bookings extending into weeks.

Unvaccinated New South Wales residents are instructed to remain at home until Dec 1.

Global concerns, government overreach with accompanying flagrant conflicts of interest over heavy-handed policies, and the COVID cultural inflammation from leftists in the Western hemisphere continue. Many worldwide have been bullied into unreasonably modifying basic human liberties to stop a disease that, despite the noise, is not of serious risk to most humans.

It feels like we are looking into a crystal ball of what could happen next in America if the radical left communists have their way.