Every day, I get emails, calls, and texts asking, “John, where are you?”

My subscribers and followers are being blocked from viewing my content on social media platforms, and I’ve even been banned for life on YouTube and LinkedIn.

Plus like other Conservatives who are speaking the truth, I’ve lost tens of millions of followers and subscribers.

For example, from averaging 48,000 views on my Facebook LIVE shows to now only a few hundred…

john di lemme censor cancel culture

From over 130,000 viewers on my Twitter videos to less than 10…

john di lemme censor cancel culture

The cancel culture is doing its best to erase me, but I’m still here and will never cower to the commies by speaking in code or compromising my Conservative values. I don’t negotiate with terrorists that are trying to destroy America.

So, how do you find me?  Here are a few ways…

Telegram: This is the best way to stay connected and updated on my latest news, events, and CBJ Real News Podcast Shows.  Go to https://t.me/cbjrealnews and click “Join ” or search “cbjrealnews” and then click “join.”

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While you might see me on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., I often go missing or my content mysteriously disappears so you can’t count on those liberal platforms.

Plus you can feel free to give us a Call/Text at (561) 847-3467 or Email [email protected]  and send us your best mailing address to receive my quarterly Conservative Business Journal magazine.