Even the UK media is noticing America’s wokeness in kids media, especially books. Nothing is subversive or sneaky it: transgenderism, racialist strife, eco-shrieking about ice caps, and gushy picture books of leftist icons like Michelle Obama.  They’re trying to tell kids what to think.

Naturally, this encourages needlessly disruptive philosophies from a very early age. The drill-down that everything is racist, sexist, and essentially unfixable, is damaging to adults, let alone kids. We see the results of this in many college students and grads demanding the reorientation of reality to narrow, non-reality-based, academic ideas of the common good.

Despite leftists chattering over fine points of distinction regarding critical race theory, or gender norms, we know the bedrock assumptions put forth in these books: gender is whatever you want and racism is okay as long as it’s in the right direction. Ibram X. Kendi’s body of work says as much and he has a children’s book called Anti-Racist Baby.

Experts on these ideas say the obvious: these books are harmful. Plus, they are well beyond comprehension for their audience.

Kids understand feelings early and can empathize that way from a young age. But it’s nearly impossible that children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade can understand life circumstances like immigration or racial problems according to psychology professor, Sharna Olfman, speaking to the hard-left publication The Atlantic.


Walt Heyer, an 81-year-old biological male who lived for decades as a transgender woman, happily identifies as male today. His renewed crusade is to warn of the monstrous dangers of transgender delusions and the even more delusional affirmation. According to Walt, introducing ideas of gender flexibility to young kids books like these is a damning risk to that child’s health.

An eighth-grader might struggle with Lord of the Flies, but many of these titles are literally board books, the rigid 10-page flippers that end up in the nursery corner with stray cheerios.

However, the radical left, woke books have over a thousand reviews on Amazon and are not on the fringe. Sexual content with a fig-leaf of “gender” discussion is being suggested to very young kids. Racism and cultural defiance is literally introduced before a child can walk or speak.

We yearn for Huckleberry Finn, the topsy-turvy Dr. Seuss, and To Kill a Mockingbird, all those authors were liberals, and even they have faced some form of cancellation. People will tolerate a lot of ugliness to protect their kids, but when it’s the kids themselves being targeted, that’s different. It looks like bully is not on the playground but in the library and the bookstore


We must stop the liberal indoctrination of America’s children! Teach your children the real history of America with books that offer beautiful illustrations that children can easily understand.

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