Texas’ border wall construction efforts have been quashed by the current administration. All Rio Grande Valley Sector wall-building contracts have just been canceled per the Department of Homeland Security.

Drone footage obtained by Fox News within the last few days, shows acres of steel panels sitting unused and rusting.

As well, excavators and other supplies are sitting dormant. Meager schoolyard fencing has been constructed around the items.

A report led by senate Republicans found that, despite the hold on construction under Biden, the project has cost roughly 2 billion dollars so far.  Due to pledges and allocations from congress in last year’s federal budget, the money to build the wall is already obligated to federal builders and suppliers. The Biden team’s stalling construction means 3 to 5 million dollars per day is being spent and no wall is being built.

The monies and actions are ensnarled in with three government branches and multiple federal agencies. The matter goes back to President Donald Trump’s creative reallocation of defense funds to create a security wall, one of his campaign promises, amidst the shrill stonewalling of Democrats.

Sections of the multi-story wall along the Texas border have abrupt halts with no natural or manmade end, leaving unimpeded spans of the border for crossing.
The flood of illegal aliens across the Southern US border has been a continued problem for Democrats since the Biden team’s removal of all reasonable boundaries and checks to protect the American people from an open border invasion.