Far from being a simple matter of globalist statecraft, America’s reliance on Chinese goods, especially high volume, lower-cost consumer items, tempering Chinese aggression directly affects all US citizens.

Additionally, the growing involvement of smart technology in the lives of all Americans means is important. Intellectual property rights and illegal surveillance are now concerns for anyone with a smart phone in their pocket right now.

John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence affirmed his earlier positions about China. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, he gave approval for the Biden team’s recent  creation of the New China Mission Center. The CIA’s new project continues with Ratcliffe’s efforts during the Trump administration to shift away from the singular obsession in the press and the government class with Russia.

The shift, he says, needs to be away from Russia as a Cold War enemy and also from 9/11 style terrorists to China.

His concerns, even before addressing military aggression and intelligence, are well founded. China’s economy is growing at almost three times the current US rate per year. Insulated somehow from the human rights demands and expectations of first-world nations, China’s ambition is not lost on anyone.

The most visible threat with China is its military and Ratcliffe noted this: “China has the largest Navy in the world right now. Russia doesn’t have an operable aircraft carrier — not one.”

During his tenure in the Trump administration, Ratcliffe allocated large funds to intel operations for China, approximately 85 billion dollars.


Ratcliffe has also been part of the unraveling of the botched Russian collusion campaign against Donald Trump. He has helped with the release of documents alleging awareness of, and approval for, haymaking of Russian interference by the 2016 Clinton campaign.

As to the Biden administration finally agreeing that the Chinese Communist Party is threat, Ratcliffe was magnanimous: “I’m glad that they’re coming around to our way of thinking on this and being honest about China as the threat that they truly are.”

However, Americans are left to question, is our radical left government under Biden’s leadership really “coming around” or is it just creating an illusion to divert our eyes away from the fact that Biden is in bed with the communist nation?