The county where Tucson, Arizona is located has seen a change in its leading cause of death. and it’s extremely disturbing.

Fentanyl ingestion or overdose sits as the number one cause of death in Pima country. For residents 19 and under, it blew past auto crashes.

Pima county runs along the Mexican border for 100 miles. The overwhelming number of deaths of American youth is the direct result of our lawless, open borders.

Factors in the fentanyl crisis include…

  • wildly potent drug meaning smaller amounts are easier to smuggle
  • chameleon-like chemical make-up affords dealer labs easy modifications, disguises for the substance
  • previously unknown habit-forming cocktail of opioid qualities
  • cartels, some in league with Chinese money launderers, exploiting the gushing flow of migrants worldwide crossing southern US border

Fentanyl, in addition to being many orders more potent than heroine or morphine, can easily be pressed into pill form. Numerous black-market Xanax or painkiller tablets have recently shown to actually be fentanyl. Many drug users seeking those less-deadly narcotics have gotten ill or died as a result.

Staggering statistics on seizures alone, have surfaced.

From October 2012 to October 2013, two pounds of fentanyl were seized by Customs and Border Patrol. Since October 2020, almost five tons has been seized through mail, other international sources, but much from Southern border.

The obvious crisis has not seen any meaningful action or serious acknowledgment from the Biden administration.


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