In an article from Headline, titled “Unvaccinated May Face Steep Financial Penalties” it stated a new issue for workers. One that cut off Family death benefits for those who resist the jab, and die from COVID.

So now if you are unvaccinated – don’t count on leaving your family death benefits. The article said that workers who refuse to get vaccinated against covid-19 may face financial repercussions, from higher health insurance premiums to loss of their jobs.


“Now, the financial fallout might follow workers beyond the grave. If they die of covid and weren’t vaccinated, their families may not get death benefits they would otherwise have received.

“New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority no longer pays a $500,000 death benefit to the families of subway, bus and commuter rail workers who die of covid if the workers were unvaccinated at the time of death.

“It strikes me as needlessly cruel,” said Mark DeBofsky, a lawyer at DeBofsky Sherman Casciari Reynolds in Chicago who represents workers in benefit disputes.

“Other employers have similar concerns about providing death or other benefits to employees who refuse to be vaccinated.” 

So now, on top of everything else, let me see if I can get this straight. I will try to tie this into the other things that we learned about COVID, via others who have been reporting the facts. The list of “things” for punishment against the non-vaxed keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Forgive me if I leave something out for it has now become a juggling act and everything is high in the air in motion. I will attempt to reason it. So now, if you die of COVID without being vaccinated, you get pauper death benefit life insurance for your family, and if you get vaxed and die from it within two weeks, you are not to be considered vaxed.

On top of that if you get vaxed and have a side effect, your insurance won’t cover it because it is an emergency experimental vax.

To make matters worse, if you get COVID, you get no treatment as the protocol in most hospitals are not to prescribe a simple parasite medication that will kill the hydra eggs that are carried into the bloodstream via graphene so it can hatch into many hydras to grow inside your body. God knows what that does as Dr. Fauci refuses to talk about it, and none of the big pharmas want to acknowledge it.

So here is the choice the Dr. Frankensteins are giving to humanity… you can get a vax and risk disability, blood clots, heart and lung issues, nervous disorders, shake like a blender, get bells palsy, or die but if you die within two weeks, I guess it counts as a suicide for it won’t be diagnosed as from the jab.

I guess you just die of natural causes, or cause unknown just not a COVID jab? So if you jabbed to keep your insurance policy and die within the first two weeks, then your life insurance is all but canceled. So why are you taking the jab again? To keep what?

There are many sad stories of people who took the jab to keep their jobs only to find that now they are disabled and cannot return to work…and many never will for they died. But, hey…they complied…and for what?

The other option is you can live without taking the jab, and by doing that, you know you will be healthy, but you will lose your job, your life insurance, or whatever else they decide to throw into the incentive to jab.


You will live without the jab, but you will have nothing. Like Schwab says “you will have nothing and be happy.” So the option that is brewing in the air, I can smell it…is one the Dems have been trying to stir up but the meek have resisted and instead are praying and trusting in the Lord.

But they are pressing and pushing people’s emotional trigger buttons, especially with their children, and they are pushing it way to far. When such pent up pushback hits, it will be swift, exact and ugly.

Lin Wood calls it 1776 all over again. Momma and Papa Bears are going to protect their children. It is natural. God wans you to care and protect your children and all children from dangerous and wicked things. It’s Biblical and justified.

Has anybody figured out that this is called genocide yet? Murder? Or as Sidney Powell said from the onset, murder by mandate. When the majority let’s this soak in and they have, a decision will have to be made and it will be.

Right now, the only thing restraining it is a crack at the Justice System. If that proves to be corrupt BOOM…KABOOM!

The left will have no place to run and it’s a combo live theater of Braveheart, The Patriot, and Independence Day.  The grand finale with a world- wide rendition of D-Day with a million General Patton’s on the horizon!

I guess it will be on that day that patriots and nationalists worldwide will say…if I die, it will be for freedom not a jab mandate by psychopaths who desire to rule the world in tyranny!