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Fact Checkers Cover for Joe Biden After He Refers to Famous Pitcher as “Great Negro”

It can be uncomfortable when you are with an elderly family member and they use outdated terms, such as referring to Black people as colored. What’s even worse is when the President of the United States calls an American icon a “Negro”.

During a Veterans Day event at the Arlington National Cemetery, Biden discussed the famous black pitcher, Satchel Paige, while referring to him as “the great Negro at the time”. If you find this hard to believe, just watch this video:


In the video, you can clearly hear Joe Biden rambling through his story about Satchel Paige, the same one he told to the Pope. [3] Except, when referring to Satchel Paige in his discussion with the Pope, he called him an African-American. Clearly, Biden was experiencing a dementia induced haze this Veteran’s Day in which he utilized terms he was once fond of stating, such as “Negro.”

It is no surprise that Joe Biden’s racist terminology is making a comeback. He was long known for working with democrat segregationists in congress, and avidly praised the opponents of the Civil Rights Bill [4]. Just remember, the Democrats are still the party of segregation, they have just now disguised it under a paternalistic woke narrative.


Joe Biden violated a law signed by Obama which banned government officials from using the term “Negro”. However, we are hesitant to blame Joe Biden for violating this law as we are unsure if he remembers being Obama’s vice president.

While it is painstakingly obvious that Joe Biden referred to Satchel Paige as a Negro, the leftwing media fact checkers are bending over backwards to cover for him. Just look at this Mediate article titled “No, Joe Biden Did Not Refer to Satchel Paige as a ‘Negro’ During Veterans Day Speech” [6].

The Mediate article claims that Joe Biden never referred to Satchel Paige as a Negro and goes on to call out influential conservative figures who would dare accuse him of doing so. Buried at the bottom of Mediate’s article it states:

“The president obviously began to say ‘Great Negro League pitcher,’ but then paused and shifted to saying “at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues,”

Mediate claims that since he “corrected” himself, Joe Biden in fact never said it the term “Negro.” It may take some time to wrap your mind around that concept.