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Illegal Aliens are Being Weaponized to Breach Poland’s Border

Poland’s sovereignty is currently being tested by an illegal alien crisis. The lesson to the United States: a border open to illegal aliens can be easily taken advantage of by enemy nations.

Thousands of illegal aliens, largely Middle Eastern, have gathered at the Belarus border to gain access to the EU by forcing themselves into Poland. The situation has worsened as Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, has instructed the wave of illegals on how to break through Poland’s border and has equipped them with the weapons to do so [1]. Poland and other European nations believe that Belarus is assisting the migrant wave in order to destabilize the EU.

The pending attack is set to take place at Kuznica, one of the major crossing points between Poland and Belarus. Poland has situated 15,000 troops at the border to halt this hostile wave of invaders. This month alone, Poland has fended off 5,000 attempts [2]by illegals attempting to break in from Belarus, while last year there were only 88 attempts total.

Polish forces are currently experiencing a vicious onslaught. Polish officers have already experienced injuries from missiles and stun grenades [2]being launched at them from the migrant wave. It is highly unlikely that these Middle Eastern vigilantes brought these weapons with them to Europe, which lays the blame at Belarus’ feet for arming the illegal aliens.


While this is a tragic situation to undergo for our Western ally, Poland, it should serve as a warning to us in the United States. The tactics of warfare between nations have changed dramatically in the modern era.

Hostile illegal aliens are portrayed in a favorable light by the mainstream media while stable nations securing their borders are portrayed as cold-hearted oppressors. For evidence, one could look here at home or at the Jewish-Palestinian conflict.

This unearned compassion towards illegal aliens who do not share our fundamental values is paralleled by a push to increasingly open our borders. During 2021 alone, U.S. border authorities have detained 1.96 million illegals [4] along the Mexico border. With millions of illegal aliens making their way into the United States, it is evident that our border is extremely porous and could be easily taken advantage of by enemy nations.

It would not take much for nations like Russia, China, or even Venezuela to fund and arm illegals coming into the U.S. to take advantage of our open border. And it’s not like our border and border patrol officers aren’t already under assault. In April 2021, 70 border patrol officers [5]were attacked in a single month, the highest number recorded. 53% of border patrol officers faced physical attacks, the remaining 47% were assaulted with vehicles, guns, knives, and rocks. [5]

Our U.S border patrol honorably serves as a thin line that separates civilized society from those who possess zero understanding of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What is occurring in Poland today should be a warning sign that our enemies are prepared to sponsor illegal alien waves coming into our country in an attempt to destabilize our social fabric.