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Kyle Rittenhouse’s Trial will Affect the Future Rights of All Americans

The Kyle Rittenhouse case is not just about a 17 year old boy defending himself, it is historically the biggest case for the right to defend oneself for all Americans.

Kyle’s trial outcome will affect the future rights of every American!

Sheriff David A. Clarke says it best in a recent statement [1]

I served nearly 40 years in law enforcement with 15 of those years as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, less than an hour away from Kenosha.

I know the area well. I, like many of you, watched a bunch of gutless politicians sit on their hands as violent thugs burned that city down last summer. It disgusted me.

But rather than hunting down and punishing the rioters, looters, vandals and arsonists, the state prosecutor launched a politically-motivated persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, even after he was captured on video clearly defending himself.

As a former homicide detective with the City of Milwaukee police department, I am acutely aware of what is necessary to charge someone with felony homicide. Those elements are not present in Kyle’s case.

As a detective, I made recommendations to the prosecutor during a charging conference. I would have recommended that no criminal charge against Rittenhouse be issued under his right to self-defense, when considering the totality of the circumstances because how he responded was reasonable under those circumstances.

I recently spoke with Kyle. I told him to pray; pray for the strength to endure the horror he’s been through and the attacks that followed by the agenda-driven advocates who despise our Constitution, the police, law and order, and the rule of law.

I told him that I would do everything I could to make sure he has the resources for his legal defense. I committed to work with his mother, Wendy, who is worrying about their mounting legal defense bill that is leaving them in financial ruin. She is a victim of this atrocity as well.

Nobody should have to go through this after defending his own life. If they can do this to Kyle, they can do it to you! Don’t let our God-given right to self-defense die because Kyle Rittenhouse could not afford to defend himself in a court of law. It very well could if together we don’t fight for Kyle and fight for him now.

What’s happening to Kyle Rittenhouse is a blatant miscarriage of justice and an abuse of government authority. I won’t sit by and watch it happen and neither should you.

From Day 1, the case against Kyle Rittenhouse has been political, malicious and built upon outright lies. And now with trial underway, it has been falling apart piece by piece.

The good news is this – Kyle can 100% win this case and in doing so, safeguard the right of self-defense for you, me and every American. But the cost of his legal defense is immense, and they’ve now had to bring on extra security to deal with a growing slew of death threats.

I’ve been helping his mother Wendy raise money but we still aren’t where we need to be.  For 15 of my nearly 40 year career in law enforcement I served right near Kenosha as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. I know the area well.

What was done to that city last summer by a bunch of violent lunatics was an absolute disgrace. Kyle was there that night, you better believe it. But instead of starting fires, he had a fire extinguisher trying to put them out.

Instead of trying to hurt people, he had a medical kit offering first aid to anyone who needed it. And instead of yelling at our TV or computer getting angry about this obvious miscarriage of justice, you and I are going to help.

We’re going to make sure Kyle gets the legal defense he deserves. So please donate to FreeKyleUSA.org [2] now. It could not possibly be more urgent. Thank you.


Sheriff David A. Clarke (Ret.)


This case is a prime example of the Sodom and Gomorrah spiritual warfare that we are all up against. They are coming right out and shouting in our faces that it is okay to kill, steal, and destroy if you are with the global cabal and their agenda to create havoc and destroy America from within, city by city.

But, if you stand up to defend yourself and seek to put out fires and give first aid to those who are injured by gangs, then you are in the way and you must go to jail for you are the resister.

What the cabal fake news and the prosecution is shouting at every citizen is that you have no right to defend yourself when criminal thugs with crime records want to kill you.

You must stop and let them kill you as they desire or we will put you in jail for the rest of your life, and make a public example of you. Or go ahead and kill you for the thugs by giving you a death sentence. If you are determined innocent, then they will encourage other thugs to send you death threats. Good luck.

The goal appears to be to get you so mad at all the injustice that you will take to the streets and have a bloody civil war. The evil has grown out of control and they don’t even try to hide any of their nasty wickedness at all anymore.

Stand up America, and support Kyle and those in the DC Jail who are also victims of injustice.

Or you could possibly be next if this madness isn’t stopped!