Havoc broke out in Milwaukee County as Darrell Brooks Jr. plowed through children and parents participating in a Waukesha County Christmas parade. Of the 40 people injured, 12 were children who are currently hospitalized. The death count has now risen to 6 as more are passing away from injuries in the hospital.

The videos of the incident are horrific enough to make anyone sick. Brooks’ vehicle lurched over
children like they were speed bumps and sent others flying.

Brooks alone is not responsible for this reprehensible incident. It is also the fault of state prosecutors who abdicated their responsibility to protect the public good in favor of communist
equity ideology.

If you are hesitant to blame the leftist judicial system, read this article by Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s masturbator in chief, describing the “Milwaukee Experiment.”

The Milwaukee Experiment refers to how district attorneys, like John Chisholm of Milwaukee, looked to make racial disparities between criminal charges more equitable by reducing bail amounts and sentencing time for Black individuals.

This practice is what directly led to the Waukesha mass murder as Darrell Brooks Jr. has a criminal record long enough to fill a book, but was regularly reinstated into society by the criminal justice system.

Let’s take a dive into some of the highlights from Brooks’ criminal record:

● 1999, arrested for aggravated battery felony
● 2000, more arrests for aggravated battery felony
● 2000 cocaine possession misdemeanor
● 2002 stolen vehicle
● 2005, stolen property
● 2009, paternity warrant
● 2009, domestic abuse with strangulation and suffocation
● 2011, damage to property

This list is just a small selection of Brooks’ early history. From 2011 to the present, Brooks has
continued to be a habitual domestic abuser, thief, and drug abuser.

In a functioning society, Brooks would have been living behind bars for the rest of his life years ago. However, in our deteriorating republic, when he was charged again for felony bail jumping, battery, and allegedly running a woman over with his SUV, he was released on $1,000 cash bail on November 11th, 2021.

Bail is generally understood as a way to release someone from prison while they await their trial. The bail amount is set higher, or not even given, if the person is a potential flight risk. Despite being charged for felony bail jumping, they allowed him the opportunity to post bail and commit more crimes.

Leftist prosecutors let him out of prison after he had run over a woman with his vehicle on November 11th, which then led to him doing it again on November 21st, except this time he ran
through the entirety of a Christmas parade.

Darrell Brooks and the state prosecutors of Wisconsin have blood on their hands. However, it is
hard to know if justice will ever be delivered for the children and community members of Waukesha County.


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