Matthew Dowd, former Bush advisor turned Democrat, is currently running in Texas’ lieutenant governor race. In an attempt to make inroads with radical leftists while maintaining some semblance of his Christian faith, he tweeted that Jesus would be considered woke today:

Let’s get this out in the open at the start, if Jesus was alive today, he would not be considered woke. The reason why Dowd would consider Jesus to be woke is due to the incorrect way he defines the term.

Being woke according to Dowd means you consider it “human decency to treat all with respect and dignity.” However, if following the woke ideology means that you believe in human decency and treating all with respect, its followers fail on a daily basis.

Members of the woke mob are some of the most hate-filled people in our society. They arrogantly place themselves on the top of the moral hierarchy and condemn everyone that doesn’t agree with them as bigots, transphobes, sexists, racists, etc. Mutual respect is a foreign concept to woke individuals, they instead expect you to bend the knee to their leftist ideology and subjective world view.


While Jesus taught us to love everybody, even the sinners, the woke mob takes it upon themselves to remove their political opponents from society as if they were lepers. The term “woke” should not be seen as a synonym to human decency. Woke more accurately defined refers to cancel culture, Critical Race Theory, and communist authoritarianism.

Another problematic sentence from Dowd’s tweet is when he claims that “all men and women are equal.” Superficially, the claim seems fine. However, if you examine it closely you can see that Dowd insufficiently understands the biblical tradition he is attempting to draw upon.

It is not that all men and women are equal, instead, as taught in the Bible and enshrined in U.S. law, all men and women are created equal before God. It is this specific religious tradition that inspired the idea that all men and women are equal under the law, an idea that undergirds our entire legal system. Over time, through individual choice, humans naturally become unequal to one another.

In conclusion, Dowd has no standing making such bold assumptions about the character of Jesus and how he would identify in our modern political climate especially since Dowd seems to have no idea who the Son of God truly was.