This story is not isolated to the Netherlands but is the story of human society: when authoritarians infringe on inalienable rights, it inevitably leads to a clash between the government and the people.

If federal and state Democrat officials continue to disregard our rights to freedom of association and bodily autonomy in the United States, we can only expect similar rebellions against COVID-19 restrictions to take place at home.

The Netherlands recently cracked down on its citizens who dared rebel against the reintroduction of authoritarian COVID-19 measures as police officers took fire at anti-lockdown rioters and injured seven individuals.

On November 19th, Dutch protestors gathered in Rotterdam’s shopping district where some lit fires and threw fireworks at officers. The mayor of Rotterdam called the incident an “orgy of violence” as he castigated his fellow citizens for rising up against tyranny.

The mainstream media is attempting to paint the rioters in as bad a light as possible with a blatantly inaccurate framing of the issue. Just look at AP New’s article titled “Dutch Police Arrest
7 amid Unrest in the Hague.”

AP directly contradicts this headline further down in the article as they note that “Officers in Rotterdam arrested 51 people”. It was seven individuals who were shot by officers, many more were arrested. However, the media has no interest in highlighting violence used against those who revolt against authoritarian regimes.

The anti-lockdown rioters were eventually overcome as riot police shot into the crowd and used
water cannons against them. Justice Minister Fred Grapperhaus came out against the rioters

“The riots and extreme violence against police officers, riot police and firefighters last night in
Rotterdam are disgusting to see,”

Violence is disgusting and damaging property must be avoided at all costs. However, it is much
more disgusting to have government officials mandate businesses to shut down and enforce
mandatory experimental vaccinations en masse.

What we are seeing in the Netherlands is citizens fighting for the reestablishment of their inalienable rights by any means possible, even if that is through violence. If you think that such riotous rebellions couldn’t come to the United States, then you are ignorant of history.

The United States was founded in rebellion and revolution from Great Britain in 1776. If Democrats believe that they can maintain or add additional COVID-19 restrictions, they will have to enforce it through violence just as the Netherlands police did, because American citizens will not take this lying down.


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