Former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst Karen Kingston is exposing how the lives of America’s children are being endangered by “fogging” schools in new COVID-FLU preparedness protocols.

This issue is hitting home for Kingston whose child’s school is implementing these new protocols including contact tracing.

We must join in her fight to protect her child, all of the children in that school, and children across our nation who will undoubtedly be affected by these dangerous protocols.

Read Karen’s letter below begging officials to stop this attack on our nation’s children…

Dear Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson, and Dr. Ladapo,

My son’s school announced on Thursday that they would be doing contact tracing of the students using GenBody – a Korean based company. The school also announced that they are fogging the school with a combined biological microorganism and chemical fog with undisclosed ingredients known as ENVIROmist throughout classrooms, offices and campus.

ENVIROmist is a proprietary (undisclosed), organic, microorganism spray used and studied by DARPA

  • Organic compounds are defined as carbon-hydrogen based chemicals, such as graphene oxide

GenBody was awarded $10.3 Million from the NIH to conduct a clinical trial of a SARS-Cov-2 and Influenza combo test in the US.- The clinical trial ends in Jan 2022.

  • Why is my son’s school being fogged with a ‘proprietary’ carbon-hydrogen mist that contains microorganisms and is used by DARPA?
  • And why are they using a company funded by the NIH based out of Korea that is currently running clinical trials testing for SARSCoV2 and the flu, while my son’s school is coincidentally launched a contact tracing program using this Korean company?

The school’s COVID-FLU Preparedness Protocols are biological attacks on the children. These protocols have been funded and implemented because of the HHS Declaration that the virus is a threat to public health and national security.

I implore you to please have an emergency session to stop the HHS Declaration that ‘the novel coronavirus is a threat to national security and public health emergency.’

There is a mountain of evidence that SARS-CoV-2 is not and never was a threat to national security and public health. The government mandates, protocols, and EUA testing, ‘RX therapies’, and vaxxes clearly are a far greater threat.

If the HHS Declaration is stopped, then all of this delusional authority will stop. There will be no more authority and no more funding to harm, disable and execute American civilians, military, and children.

Please….stop the HHS Declaration. America is not going to survive when tens of thousands, if not millions of children die. The American people will turn on each other and the government. It won’t matter who is in office.

If this doesn’t stop before the children are killed by the Pfizer vaccine and this bioweapon fog, that will be the end of America and any fighting chance for humanity.

Please reach out to me if I can provide assistance with evidence. With deep sorrow for our country.

Karen Kingston


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