When we read the Bible and see where the people sacrificed their children to Baal, and burned them on a hot fired up iron beast for blessings, superstitions, and because they were told to do it, and so they did.

Today, most all cringe at thought thought of any of that and many have a difficult time even visualizing such a thing as possible. It sounds so far fetched that people would ever willingly sacrifice their children to anything or anyone.

It just seems so wicked, so unnatural, and so inhumane and out of the natural order of things, for even beasts in the field protect their young.

We ask, “How could anyone allow such a thing and even remotely believe it is fine and good to do it?”  It is evil to the core. And yet, we watch today as the evil grows and in our faces those who have no conscience plan to jab our children, which will kill many and disable many more.

People are just now waking up and seeing that 25 million or more children are human trafficked each year and these children are sacrificed to an order of evil for sex slaves, ritual sacrifices, adrenachrome production, organ harvesting, and some to set loose and be hunted in the woods by rich, bored psychopaths for the sheer fun and sport of it.

Then there are the huge numbers in the millions that are just killed by abortion, and laws have been set and put in place for decades to make it a legal right to do so.


So when we see the fall of mankind and how low it has fallen, how do we respond? Do we continue to look the other way and act as though it is all made up and nothing is taking place? Do we pass the blame onto others and say, “Not my problem?”

There is no riding the fence of complacency in this world. The Lord said he would rather have you hot or cold. He viewed lukewarm, which we know as the neutral and complacent (those that either do nothing and just go along with evil, or those of the mindset that it’s not my problem, I’m ignoring all of this), as the worst and said he would spit those out of his mouth. Revelation 3:15-16

But we need not look far to see the evil of modern day and the entire plot behind the jabs for our children and for all of the population. It is famously to kill, steal and destroy.

And the puppet master of all of that is the one who temporarily rules the world…Jesus called him Satan.