The City of Long Beach’s official Facebook account broke the news to residents that their local
emergency room will be temporarily closed for up to a month. They were surprisingly honest with the reason behind the closure, stating the following:

“Long Beach Emergency Room will be temporarily closing effective 3:00pm today due to staff
shortages associated with the State’s vaccine mandate…. This is completely unacceptable especially as we move into the holiday season.”

Leftists are continually shrieking that we are in a pandemic of the unvaccinated while they castigate the unvaccinated for filling the hospitals past capacity. If this were true, that the hospitals are overfilled, would it make sense to fire large swaths of nurses for not abiding by unconstitutional vaccine mandates?  Why would you fire healthcare workers during a pandemic?

There is only one possible rationale to fire nurses during a pandemic: leftists believe it is more
important to purge healthcare workers that don’t bend the knee to leftist mandates than it is to provide effective healthcare for a community.

With the Long Beach emergency room closed, patients will be directed to the hospital’s main campus in Oceanside. This main campus is roughly 5 miles away and could take patients an additional 25 mins to receive the care they need.

Dr. Adhi Sharma, president of Mount Sinai South Hospital in Oceanside, recently stated:

“We regret having to take this step but the safety of our patients is always our No.1 priority…We are committed to serving residents of the barrier island… Our nurses, physicians and support staff have been on the frontline of the pandemic for more than 21 months. We will continue to be there for our patients.”

Let’s break down a few of the false claims in Dr. Adhi Sharma’s statement on the emergency closure. The first claim is that shutting down the emergency room and firing the unvaccinated
nurses was necessary to preserve the safety of patients.

Unvaccinated nurses do not endanger patients. If patients are vaccinated, they are already protected, and if they are not that is their personal decision. This emergency room closure actually decreases the safety of patients who will now experience a 25 minute longer ride to the emergency room, which could be deadly in cases like heart attacks.

The second portion of her statement highlights that nurses have served on the frontline of the
pandemic for more than 21 months and they will continue to be there for the patients.

If hospitals truly respected nurses as frontline workers, why fire them now after they have risked their lives through the worst of the pandemic? Second, you won’t continue to be there for the

You just closed a critical emergency room for the people of Long Island.


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