If you are a parent in Loudoun County, you must be questioning the safety of your children at the hands of public officials. Only recently, the Loudoun County school board was found to be actively covering up sexual assault cases in order to protect their transgender bathroom policy.

And now, the children of Loudoun Country are facing medical mistreatment at the hands of their local pharmacy and a possible cover up from Virginia health officials

On November 5th, the Virginia Department of Health admitted that Ted Pharmacy in Loudon County administered the adult size COVID-19 vaccine, instead of the diluted version, to 112 children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old.

The Virginia Department of Health did the bare minimum in response to this incident and forced Ted Pharmacy, the accused pharmacy, to discontinue administration of the vaccine.


Further, the Virginia health officials sent a warning to families this Wednesday. The warning told parents to watch for side effects of the vaccine, such as “fever, chills, fatigue and pain or redness at the injection site and call their pediatrician if their child has prolonged or more serious side effects.”

What’s more concerning is that it took the protests of multiple parents in order to get any response from state health officials. When speaking to News4, Nasha Hermosilla informed the public that she noticed her daughter was receiving the incorrect vaccine due to the labeling on the vial. She stated, “I had this pit in my stomach that, like, what did they just do to my daughter?”

When Hermosilla and other parents brought this question up to health officials, they were gas lit. Health officials responded to inquiries with sincerity that only amounted to apologizing for the “inconvenience.”

The real disappointment comes in the fact that while 112 children were administered a potentially dangerous dose of the COVID vaccine, it seems no one will be held responsible. When News4 reached out to Virginia’s Board of Pharmacy for response, the bureaucrats only tried to cover for the situation, stating:

“It is important to note under Virginia law 54.1-2400.2, Virginia’s health regulatory boards, including the Board of Pharmacy (BOP), are not at liberty to confirm nor deny whether an investigation into a possible violation of a law or regulation is or is not underway.”


So, Virginia health officials seem to be uninterested in reassuring the people that potentially harmed their children with improper doses will be held accountable.

What’s even worse is the “health” officials are stating that if a lower dosage adult vaccine is given to your children, parents should wait 21 days and then restart the vaccine series.

Let me state that again, they are informing parents that children who received a lower dose should restart the vaccine series. That makes no logical sense. The adult vaccine, the one meant for individuals 12 years and older, contains a 30-microgram dose while the vaccine meant for children contains a 10-microgram dose.

The children in Loudon County were in fact exposed to a higher dose of the vaccine. If they were exposed to a higher dosage, why would health officials be telling parents that their children received a lower dose and must completely restart their vaccination series?

Stop giving your children experimental drugs that are more dangerous than a virus that they can easily fight with their healthy immune systems.