The IRS has now greenlit criminal activity, requiring those who have stolen property, dealt illegal drugs, or committed bribery, to file it on their taxes as “self-employment activity.”

Following the death of George Floyd, we continue to see the pillaging of all major inner cities by rioters and looters. With instances of smash-and-grabs in Chicago resulting in millions of stolen merchandise, the federal government is not interested in stopping this behavior. But, they are interested in getting their cut on the profits.

The revelation that the IRS expects criminals to pay taxes on their stolen goods came from the Twitter account “litquidity”, which posted a screenshot from the IRS website:

While this seems like a dumb joke, unfortunately, it is not. You can find this new tax code on the IRS website under Publication 17. An IRS spokesman came out to confirm the new provisions but declined to speak to the thought process behind them.

In another shocking twist, law enforcement agencies are ready to aid the IRS in collecting taxes on stolen property instead of holding the criminals accountable. In a Facebook post, the Eirie County Sheriff’s Office stated the following:

“Attention all car thieves. The stuff you stole from people’s vehicles in 2021 must be claimed on your income taxes. If you need an itemized list of property call us at 716.858.2903 & a Deputy or Detective will be happy to meet you with the list. It would be our pleasure.”

It’s unclear whether the sheriff’s office is sarcastically using cordial language in the post or if they would be legitimately pleased to help degenerate thieves file their taxes. Either way, the degree to which law and order has collapsed in America is sickening. Looters are no longer sent to prison. Instead, the IRS is creating pathways to legalize their immoral activity.

Sympathy towards looters began with the death of George Floyd and the riots that followed. Individuals used the riots as cover to commit unforeseen levels of burglary and destruction. Those on the left did not condemn this criminality. Instead, they viewed the looting as a rational response to a systemically racist police force. An article from The Atlantic stated:

“Most race scholars argue that unprovoked police violence against both black people and peaceful protesters is the larger societal problem, and no amount of stolen merchandise will ever equal the loss of even a single human life… In this way, some of the looting is a lashing-out against capitalism, the police, and other forces that are seen as perpetuating racism.”

It is only through this leftist lens that the new IRS tax codes can be understood. The IRS is overseen by Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. Since Yellen approved taxing stolen property, she must view the looters destroying our nation as positive forces that are simply “lashing-out against capitalism, the police, and other forces that are seen as perpetuating racism.”

By creating a pathway for looters to report their stolen goods, it condones the behavior. After paying taxes on stolen goods, it would make it extremely difficult for the government to come up with a rationale to prosecute the activity.

This new IRS policy is another piece of evidence on how the Biden administration seeks to degenerate our society to the point at which a communist takeover could easily occur. Making it legal for thieves to steal from businesses owners shows that the federal government is now approving of a coming class war.



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