Were you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Well, you should stop as Black Lives Matter instead calls us to celebrate #BlackXmas, a reframing of the gift giving holiday where white owned businesses are boycotted in the name or racial justice.

If you don’t believe that Black Lives Matter could legitimate this level of explicit racism, just take a look at their recent Instagram post: 


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In their Instagram caption, BLM advocates to buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses, move your money into Black-owned banks, and to realize that “white-supremacist capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life.”

It is hard to imagine a more obvious example of modern-segregation than boycotting against businesses based on the color of the owner’s skin. If there was any organization that advocated for boycotts of Black businesses they would be castigated by the entire public, and rightly so. 

In a blog post on blacklivesmatter.com, they write

“Black Lives Matter has been challenging people to ‘dream of a #BlackXmas,’ to intentionally use our economic resources to disrupt white-supremacist-capitalism and build Black community.”

From statements like these, you can see BLM’s mask slip quite a bit as they expose themselves as Marxist ideologues. Marxism and critical race theory are very similar philosophies.

While Marxism calls for the restructuring of society to alleviate the oppression of the wealthy, critical race theory calls for the restructuring of society to alleviate the oppression of the white man. What both of these theories have in common is identifying capitalism as a vehicle by which oppression occurs. 

Don’t fall for this new racial twist of communist propaganda. BLM should be condemned for boycotting businesses on the basis of race as the bigots they are. 


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