Recently, a man who accused Don Lemon of sexual assault stated that CNN is a “predator protecting machine.” Evidence to back this claim has recently surfaced with the arrest of Chris Cuomo’s CNN producer, John Griffin. 

Griffin worked side by side with ex-anchor Chris Cuomo for eight years and, if convicted, faces anywhere from 10 years in prison to a life sentence on a charge of unlawful sexual activity with a 9-year old girl. Griffin is a truly sick individual, and we can only imagine what his coworkers, like Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, knew about his sexually perverse nature. 

Griffin’s sexual misconduct goes far beyond a single instance of sexual activity with a 9-year-old. The 44-year-old man would use the platforms Google Hangouts and Kik to communicate with parents of underage girls. Once in contact with these parents, he would persuade them to give up their daughters so he could make them sexually submissive. 

While it is easy to understand that sick pedophiles exist in this world, it’s hard to imagine any parent that would allow their child to be sexually abused. Unfortunately, Griffin was successful in recruiting demented parents to let him “train” their children. Through these messaging apps, he would persuade moms of young girls with phrases like, “a woman is a woman regardless of her age”. 

In February of 2020, Griffin purchased a Vermont ski house with the intent to host mothers and their minor daughters for “sexual training” purposes. Not long after the purchase, Griffin paid more than $3,000 to the mother of a 9-year old girl to fly the two of them out to his ski house, where the child was forced to engage in illegal sexual activity. 

From Griffin’s online activity, it seems that he has been participating in pedophilia for years while on the CNN payroll. He has an online profile for a “BDSM, dating, Fetish, and Kink Site” that is several years old. On his online pedophile profile, he states he is looking for “sexually submissive” and “open-minded” women. 

What’s even worse is that this creep is a father of three children. In his Twitter bio, he even touts himself as “CNN Senior Producer, Writer, Father, Tech Head.”

It is unclear how many children Griffin raped, but a single charge of raping a 9-year old should be more than enough to ensure he never steps outside of prison for his entire life. 



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