Several weeks ago, my mom asked if I would like to go to the Fox Patriot Awards. The evening extravaganza was held in Hollywood, Florida. Initially, I said “Sure! Sounds like a amazing event!”

Well, I took a closer look at the event information on the Hard Rock Casino’s website. It was there I learned that the event was requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID19 test, which was taken within 48 hours of the event. I was stunned.

The so-called “conservative” network, Fox, was requiring a vaccine or negative COVID test to attend the event in November 2021, really? This was an event requirement NOT a casino requirement.

Here’s some perspective…

The event was held at a very large, very crowded casino. The casino has no mandates or requirements. So, you can gamble at a casino which is packed with people, but to proceed to the Fox venue and attend the awards show, you must show a vaccine card or negative test card.

Apparently, Fox missed the memo that the vaccinated are perfectly capable of transmitting and infecting others with COVID19. Was this truly a safety measure?

Who is it Fox is trying to protect? The vaccinated people who were just elbow to elbow in a casino with unvaccinated, untested individuals?

Here’s something else to think about…

The event was held in Florida where there have never been mask or vaccine mandates. (Thank you Governor Ron DeSantis!)  Just another reason that the vaccine card or negative test card requirement made absolutely any sense.

Shame on Fox. Is the right leaning network requiring mandates at all of its sponsored events?  I must say that it’s not a shocker since

Lesson learned…where Fox is concerned, read the fine print!



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