Today, I received this tremendous news from a MyPillow rep via email…

“I just wanted to let you that Mike and MyPillow will be donating over 10,000 pillows to the tornado victims in Kentucky. They will be passed out on Christmas Eve.”

For those of us that know Mike and the MyPillow team, this is not a huge surprise. Why? Because they are givers who absolutely love people.

My wife, Christie, and I were invited by some friends to spend the day with Mike and his MyPillow team plus we had the opportunity to tour his company.

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We literally spent over 8 hours with them, and I can tell you that they are some of the most generous, faith-filled people on Earth. They are constantly doing things behind the scenes to change lives without any expectation of recognition.

The people in Mayfield, Kentucky and surrounding areas are going through the absolute worst time of their lives. Just a little bit of kindness from their fellow Americans like Mike and his MyPillow Team goes a long way when they’ve lost everything.

Thank you Mike and the MyPillow team for everything that you do to support our great nation!



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