Along with tens of millions of other Americans, I received the following email from President Trump…

trump email vaccine

The subject line for the email was “Hydroxychloroquine works.”

While I agree with everything in President Trump’s email especially the fact that Hydroxychloroquine works, the China virus came from a Chinese lab, and vaccines were produced before the end of 2020 in record time.

But there’s one thing missing Mr. President…

I haven’t heard you say that now the “vaccine” is a deadly bioweapon being used against the American people.

This dangerous experimental drug is now being pumped into children across our great nation, and I haven’t heard you say that it needs to stop.

I have heard you say that it’s a “choice”, but Mr. President, no one should choose to get a deadly substance injected into their bodies. You must know that, so what is preventing you from telling Americans to stop getting the jab?

Former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst Karen Kingston shared proof about the vaccine bioweapon on my CBJ Real News Podcast Show that is absolutely impossible to deny, because it’s backed by facts…

Once again, it’s absolutely impossible to deny the proof that Karen Kingston shared on my Show and other platforms or the facts that doctors and other medical professionals are exposing about the vaccine.

President Trump, your supporters look up to you and many will do what you say, which includes making a choice to take the deadly vaccine.

It’s time to expose the truth about the “vaccine” that is harming and killing people.

America is waiting…


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