With the start of the new year, Kroger, the largest U.S. supermarket chain, will be implementing a company-wide policy to punish those that refuse to take the jab.

In a memo, Kroger explained that unvaccinated workers would no longer receive paid leave if they were to contract COVID-19. Additionally, all unvaccinated workers enrolled in the company healthcare plan will be forced to pay an additional $50 a month as an insurance surcharge. 

Companies have been trying to increase vaccination rates among their employees for over a year now. During the initial vaccine rollout, companies would use educational campaigns and incentive programs to convince their workers to take the experimental jab.

Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate has influenced companies, like Kroger, to move beyond their original tactics and towards more oppressive ones. Namely, making it more costly to live and work as an unvaccinated worker. 

Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world and employs a staggering 465,000 workers. With nearly half a million workers, there are undoubtedly some employees that would have an adverse reaction to this new mRNA gene therapy.

However, large corporations, like Kroger, don’t care about individual health concerns. They only want mass compliance regardless of the harm that could be done. 

Kroger’s new policy creates a caste system among its workers. Those that refuse to be Pfizer’s lab rats must pay an additional $600 each year to work at Kroger. One can only expect that Kroger will force unvaccinated workers to wear a mask at all times and be tested weekly, much like the requirements the Biden mandate call for.

The intention is to make regular life as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated, so they eventually give up and comply. 

The supermarket chain released a statement on their new policies, arguing that they are discriminating against unvaccinated employees due to the rise of the Omicron variant. A part of the statement read the following: 

“As we prepare to navigate the next phase of the pandemic, we are modifying policies to encourage safe behaviors including vaccination”

Kroger’s policies don’t increase safety whatsoever. If anything, they make their workplace more unsafe. It makes no sense to remove paid sick leave for the unvaccinated if they get COVID-19.

If the vaccine actually worked, Kroger would be removing paid sick leave for those who are vaccinated because they wouldn’t suffer the symptoms of the virus. Kroger’s new sick leave policy encourages the unvaccinated to continue coming into work, even if they have COVID-19 since they won’t be paid to stay home. 

The only way to hold corporations accountable in a capitalist system is with your wallet. Companies that enforce vaccine segregation for employees or customers are anti-liberty and should not be supported. 



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