John Di Lemme was joined by Dr. Betsy Eads, Ian Farrar, and Dr. Christa Krzeminski and surprise guest, Francine Fosdick, for a Patriotic Night to Celebrate the Power of Capitalism in America Plus How to Achieve Optimum Health.

Watch as these Conservative powerhouses discuss why We The People are responsible for the future of our nation and living our healthiest lives ever in order to defeat the covid vaccine bioweapon and live up to our God-given potential…

Listen to this powerful virtual event here…


The Patriotic Night to Celebrate the Power of Capitalism in America Plus How to Achieve Optimum Health featured…

John Di Lemme
Speaker, Author, Conservative Business Journal Founder, and one of the most Censored Voices in America by big tech because he believes in Capitalism plus advocates building a strong, healthy immune system to live free from government overreach and vaccine nonsense.

Ian Farrar
Super foods entrepreneur, elite athlete, and gold & silver medalist in cycling in the state of Connecticut who is passionate about helping others to reach their optimum level of health with premium health supplements.

Dr. Christa Krzeminski
A holistic, plant-based doctor and author who has a passion for nutrition knowledge and building the strongest body possible. As the owner of a nutrition and holistic medicine center, she designs personalized food, nutrition, and fitness strategies for her patients.

Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Eads
A frontline medical doctor who is bravely fighting against medical tyranny in America. She has saved many lives by providing treatments and medications that keep people out of the hospitals.

The purpose of this Show is to Educate, Empower and Equip Patriots to stand up for capitalism in America plus understand the dangers of the vaccine bioweapon and live the healthiest life ever to fight it.


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