The Democrat’s move to politicize American institutions knows no bounds as they attempt to make the military woke.

The State Department is now facing criticism for releasing a U.S. Air Force memo that authorizes the use of gender pronouns in signature blocks. Now, our military that is supposed to be concerned with our nation’s defense is entering into the idiocy of leftist gender ideology.

The Airforce Memo reads:

“This guidance provides approval for the use of pronouns in electronic signature blocks and expands on written communication by providing official templates posted on e-publishing website available for download… The use of pronouns (he/him, she/her, or they/them) in an
email signature block is authorized but not required.”

Gender dysphoria is a severe mental illness that should be treated with compassion and medical health care, not complicity. If there are members of the military that use they/them pronouns, they are not fit to defend our nation.

Other than genetic mutations, there are only two binary genders that exist.

Ever since the Biden administration took office, the Deep State has been working overtime to make all military branches woke. Just look at this recruitment video from GoArmy, released in May of this year. It features a female army officer with two lesbian parents and an affinity for pride parades:

These woke distractions confuse our brave military officers and risk the lives of Americans.

During our embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan, the State Department was more concerned with appeasing radical leftists than they were with rescuing our fellow citizens from the Taliban.

While Americans were stranded in Afghanistan and China launched the first hypersonic missile, the State Department was tweeting about International Pronouns Day:

It’s not just leftist gender ideology that has consumed the military.

On December 14th, 27 Air Force officers were discharged for refusing the COVID vaccine. The Air Force gave soldiers until November 2nd to get the vaccine. The intention of the vaccine mandate is to rid the U.S. military of all members that won’t bend the knee to the authoritarianism of Democrats.

With China becoming increasingly aggressive around the world, having a strong military is more important than ever. Despite this, the Democrats are working hard to inject the military with their woke ideology and make them subservient to a singular leftist political party.



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