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800,000 “Noncitizen Immigrants” and Illegal Aliens Authorized to Vote in NYC Elections

The integrity of American citizenship is dying. Newly elected NYC Mayor Eric Adams now allows 800,000 [1]“noncitizen immigrants” to vote in municipal elections. The only condition these unAmerican voters must fulfill is that they have lived in New York for 30 days.

Democrats have been very specific in the language used to authorize the votes of what they call “noncitizen immigrants,” but many New York voters will be illegal aliens. This new law allows both immigrants who have traveled to the US legally and for “Dreamers”, children brought into this country illegally, to vote. 

While allowing noncitizens to vote is bad enough, the new legislation makes it much easier for illegal aliens of all sorts to vote in New York elections. The New York City voting bill extends voting rights to people with work authorization.

A standard practice of illegal aliens is to forge work authorization documents to make money while they are illegally inhabiting the United States. We can expect illegal aliens to use these fraudulent documents at New York polling locations, where leftist election officials will let them vote even without any documentation. 

Understand that 800,000 “noncitizen” voters is no small number. To put this number in perspective, Eric Adams won his recent NYC mayoral election with just 750,000 votes. 

With the 800,000 now authorized to vote in NYC, many illegal aliens, it creates an entirely new voting bloc that could elect their own slate of elected officials. Noncitizens and illegal aliens will now primarily choose new York City’s government officials. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed [2] Eric Adams over this new voting bill and questioned its implications on the integrity of American citizenship: 

“Doesn’t this bill just make a mockery of the idea of American citizenship though? This is just for local elections, but does this mean that next New York is going to want noncitizens to vote in federal elections? What do you say to all people who went to the difficult process of becoming an American citizen, studying for the test, swearing an oath of allegiance to the country”

Eric Adams avoided the majority of what Tapper said, choosing to only reply with what he would say to noncitizens going through the process of becoming an American citizen: 

“I say to them keep doing it. Being a part of the United States is a great privilege. This legislation will not prevent you from becoming a citizen of this country.”

Eric Adams destroys his own argument in his response. Becoming a “part of the United States” is no longer a great privilege when you allow noncitizens to exercise the greatest privilege of citizenship, the right to vote.

California has gone even further, allowing its illegal aliens to gain access to free healthcare [3] and on-demand abortions. Leftists are bastardizing the sacred right of citizenship across the country. 

Democrats are actively tearing apart our great nation by allowing hordes of illegal aliens to fraudulently decide our elections. It’s no surprise that leftists in positions of power are taking the United Stated down a suicidal path.

They view America as being founded with racism at its core and that it would be better to allow ourselves to disintegrate into a tribal mess. 



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