Due to new FDA limits, Florida officials were forced to shut down all life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment sites. On January 24th, the FDA revoked emergency-use authorization for two monoclonal antibodies treatments.

The federal government’s intention is clear: remove all alternative therapeutics to coerce Americans into getting the experimental COVID jab. 

The federal government’s rationale for cutting off the supply of monoclonal antibody treatments is that they supposedly don’t work against the Omicron variant. This rationale is nonsensical. While Omicron may now be the dominant COVID variant, it is not as though all other variants have disappeared. 

The Florida Department of Health released the following statement

“Unfortunately, as a result of this abrupt decision made by the federal government, all monoclonal antibody state sites will be closed until further notice…Florida disagrees with the decision that blocks access to any available treatments in the absence of clinical evidence.”

It is rare for state departments to release statements openly expressing their disapproval of the federal government’s actions. 

However, Ron DeSantis has elected brave and sensible public officials to Florida’s Department of Health, such as State Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo. During an interview on January 24th, Ladapo condemned the FDA’s decision and questioned the validity of “medical experts” who claim that monoclonal antibodies are ineffective: 

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of looking at data and not necessarily listening and following what other people or people that the media label as ‘experts’ say.”

Ladapo understands that the FDA is just doing the dirty work of the Biden administration and Big Pharma, which seek to limit safe alternative measures to treat COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, DeSantis himself made the strongest statement against the Biden administration’s new FDA guidelines: 

“Without a shred of clinical data to support this action, Biden has forced trained medical professionals to choose between treating their patients or breaking the law. This indefensible edict takes treatment out of the hands of medical professionals and will cost some Americans their lives. There are real-world implications to Biden’s medical authoritarianism – Americans’ access to treatments is now subject to the whims of a failing president.”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked to respond to DeSantis’ push for monoclonal antibody treatment. Her response shows the current administration doesn’t care about health care; they only care about compliance: 

“Let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is… We know what works, vaccines and boosters.”

The FDA is limiting life-saving treatments, such as monoclonal antibodies, but is greenlighting the dangerous drug Remdesivir, which Pfizer manufactures. While the FDA claims that monoclonal antibodies are ineffective, Remdesivir has proven to be lethal.

The use of Remdesiver killed 53% of people in the NIAID Ebola study and caused life-threatening conditions in 31% of participants in the Giliad study. 

The federal government does not care about the health of the American people or controlling the spread of COVID. Instead, leftist politicians want Americans to give up their bodily autonomy to the government and to further enrich Big Pharma companies like Pfizer. 

If you want to understand why Democrats do the bidding of Big Pharma, heed the words of Italian’s notorious dictator Mussolini: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of the state and corporate power.”



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