Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg instructs prosecutors to use prison as a “last resort.”  Bragg downgraded atrocious crimes such as armed robberies and refuses to prosecute cases involving drugs and prostitution in a recently released memo to prosecutors. Him becoming Manhattan DA is yet another indication that New York City is spiraling out of control as socialists take over all government positions. 

Manhattan’s leftist district attorney assumed office on January 1st and has already made a series of moves to make NYC’s main borough safe for criminals and dangerous for law-abiding citizens. In a January 3rd memo, Bragg informed his prosecutors that his office would not sentence anyone to time in prison unless the case involved homicide, domestic violence, sex crimes, and public corruption. 

Bragg’s memo continued, stating

“This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma), and any other information available.”

Under Bragg’s rule of law, criminals will now have a say in how they are prosecuted. No longer are all individuals treated equally before the law. Bragg instead sympathizes with criminals that have had a difficult past and refuses to prosecute them. 

Bragg’s memo even went as far as to say that criminals who steal from storage units, outdoor property, or any area not connected to a “living dwelling” would not be prosecuted at all

Under Bragg’s leadership, prosecutors must categorize all armed robberies as “petit larceny cases”. Understand that petit larceny cases are those that involve the theft evaluated at less than $500. So, this means you could rob a Manhattan bank with a gun, threaten the life of a bank teller, and have it treated as a petty crime. 

Eric Adams, who replaced Bill de Blasio as Mayor of NYC, bragged that he was a former police officer and stated he would be tough on crime throughout his campaign. This was all just bloviating nonsense seeing how Adams endorsed Alvin Bragg for Manhattan DA. 

In an interview with Curtis Sliwa, who ran for mayor of NYC against Eric Adams, had this to say on Alvin Bragg becoming Manhattan’s DA: 

“Beware of Eric Adams who says one thing and then immediately embraces the guy [Alvin Bragg] who is advertising: ‘come to the borough of Manhattan and commit crime. It’s open season. That means smash and grabs, that means shoplifting, armed robbery, somebody can put a gun to your head as a tourist and guess what, he gets a desk appearance ticket.

Business owners in New York City are extremely concerned with Bragg’s reluctance to prosecute criminals. As all of our nation’s major cities face unprecedented instances of smash and grabs, Bragg’s policy will only further incentivize such behavior. Jessica Walker, president of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, spoke to this issue, stating: 

“New York City’s quality of life must remain competitive if we are to lure back office workers and tourists. The district attorney’s stance against prosecuting certain low-level crimes may undermine both the perception and the reality that ours is a safe big city.”

It is not too hard to theorize Alvin Bragg’s intention behind the memo. By refusing to prosecute basically all cases involving theft, he allows criminals to tear down the system he views as systematically racist.

Radical leftists, like Bragg, view American society as beyond redemption and in need of radical reform. If they are unable to do this by normal means, they will incentivize criminality to bring about a socialist revolution. 



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