Israel recently announced the first documented case of an individual who contracted both the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Medical “experts” are now using this instance to spark new fears of a “flurona” pandemic. 

This story was originally reported by the Times of Israel after the pregnant woman tested positive at a hospital in Petah Tikva for both the flu and COVID. 

Fox News reported on the incident in an article titled “Israel Detects Case of ‘Flurona’ in Unvaccinated Pregnant Woman.” Titles like these are crafted to manipulate Americans into getting the experimental COVID jabs, which are dangerous for pregnant women and the children they carry.

By stating in the headline that the woman was unvaccinated, media outlets are furthering the narrative only those who have not gotten the jab are getting COVID, when that is not the case by any means. It is irrelevant that the woman was unvaccinated, but the media will continue to highlight and smear all those who do not comply. 

The Fox article goes on to cite Doctor Fauci’s warning to Americans in October of 2020 that the flu season could be especially dangerous during the pandemic: 

“There’s considerable concern as we enter the fall and winter months and into the flu season that we’ll have that dreaded overlap.”

What this fear-mongering article from Fox News does not include is the current health status of the unvaccinated woman. Shortly after being diagnosed with both illnesses, she was released from the hospital in “good condition.”

Flurona does not bring anything new since both influenza and COVID have similar symptoms. Arnon Vizhnitser, one of the medical directors at Petah Tikva hospital, stated: 

“The disease is the same disease. They’re viral and cause difficulty breathing since both attack the upper respiratory tract.”

It’s concerning that this is the first documented case of flurona, but not for the reasons that those in the mainstream media think. Such instances surely occurred in the United States last year, but flu cases are intentionally underreported.

The reason flu cases are not documented is that influenza and COVID have extremely similar symptoms. Hospitals will immediately diagnose anyone with COVID-like symptoms as having COVID because they receive additional funding for how many China virus patients they treat. 

Last year, there were supposedly only 1,825 people admitted to the hospital due to the flu. This number is suspiciously low, seeing how from 2017-2018, there were a total of 710,000 flu hospitalizations.

Leftists pretend that the flu is not being underreported. Instead, they claim that the decreased instances of the flu are due to the mask requirements and lockdown measures. Such a claim is laughable.

New York City currently has the highest rates of omicron infection, despite having the most stringent COVID restrictions. Lockdowns and masks do nothing to stop the spread of any disease. 

Flurona was most certainly was present last year. The media and medical institutions are only now realizing that people are catching COVID and the flu simultaneously to spark new fears in the public so that the vaccinated get their boosters and the unvaccinated get the jab.

Leftists and medical experts have entered a forever pandemic mindset to restrict our freedoms. Expect more scare tactics, like flurona, to come. 



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