The Biden administration is currently releasing hordes of adult male illegal aliens into the interior of the United States by the busload. Fox News’ Bill Melugin personally watched and documented the federal government drop-off shipments of male illegal aliens in Brownsville, Texas. 

The federal government attempted to be discrete about the illegal transport of foreigners, as they placed black tarps around the parking garage to obstruct the public’s view:  

Despite their attempts at discretion, too many busloads of illegals came in to hide completely hide the operation. 

In a four-hour time span, Bill Melugin has tweeted videos of five separate buses pouring out illegal aliens into the interior of Texas. It is evident that the Biden administration is quite literally involved in human trafficking.

In Melugin’s latest video, the group of male illegal aliens leaves a nearby building belonging to a non-governmental organization (NGO). Each individual obtained a manila envelope from the NGO containing travel documents. After receiving the travel documents, the illegal aliens can be seen walking to the bus station across the street and the airport 20 minutes away. 

Melugin reached out to the city of Brownsville for an explanation. City officials responded to the request, openly explaining how they are aiding and abetting this group of adult male illegal aliens:

“The City of Brownsville’s Office of Emergency Management, through federal assistance from FEMA, facilitates the transfer of these migrants to their final destination by allowing them to use services to contact their families, NGOs, or a taxicab. La Plaza Parking Garage serves as a staging center where migrants coming into the country are provided with travel information to facilitate their transfer to their final destination.”

American citizens that break the law serve a sentence in prison. However, under the Biden administration, foreigners who break our immigration laws are given travel information and assistance in finding a taxicab to reach their desired destination in the country’s interior. 

This is not a group of women and children seeking asylum in the United States. All illegal aliens transported to Brownsville, Texas on January 25th were single unaccompanied adult men. Many of the illegals can be seen with ankle monitors on. 

These ankle monitors are used for Alternatives to Detention (ATV). Rather than detaining the foreigners that illegally enter our country until they receive a court hearing and are deported, ICE places ankle monitors on them and releases them into the interior, hoping they will show up to their court hearing. 

In summary, the federal government is depositing hundreds of male illegal aliens into Brownsville, Texas. Their drop-off spot is conveniently located near a bus station and an airport. Further, the federal government is actively coordinating with the local government and NGOs to provide travel documents and travel information to the illegal aliens so they can freely move throughout the interior of the United States. 

The best way to spur a nation’s collapse is to facilitate the influx of criminals throughout the country. Let’s be clear, the first action illegal aliens take when entering the United States is to break our immigration laws.

After entering under the condition of criminality, do you truly think they will respect any of our other laws?



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