A NEW and IMPROVED Omicron variant has made its way to America and so far up to 40 other countries or so the scientists say.

Now, there’s a “stealth” version of Omicron that is harder to detect and cannot be distinguished from other variants by PCR tests. But then again, PCR tests can’t tell the difference between the flu and covid.

Researchers say there’s no way to know as of now if the new form of Omicron, also known as BA. 2, will spread in the same way as the standard Omicron variant, but that the “stealthy” version is genetically distinct so may behave differently.

Newsweek reported at least 92 cases of the BA. 2 omicron subvariant have been detected in over 20 U.S. states, including California and Texas. The scientists say it’s too early to know the seriousness of the stealth omicron.

However, it’s likely that this sneaky virus is on its way to Florida since all variants somehow quickly make their way to the sunshine state. This is extremely dangerous since the FDA closed all of the monoclonal antibody sites that Floridians have grown to depend upon for life-saving treatment.

Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting to have the sites reopened, but as of now, the doors are closed and all appointments to receive the treatment have been canceled.

“It’s really a reckless decision to be able to take this option away from patients when we’ve had the site set up, we’ve had this distributed to different medical groups or hospitals,” DeSantis said. “So we’re gonna fight back against this because this is just wrong. This is not the way you know that you help people.”

While the FDA shutdown access to monoclonal antibody treatments, the agency approved the dangerous drug remdesivir for outpatient use.

Remdesivir is part of the CDC treatment protocol used in hospitals that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans. There’s no way to know how many perished as a result of this drug, because there’s no accountability for their deaths.

So for now, we wait…

We wait for more lockdowns. We wait for more mandates. We wait for the stealth omicron variant.

But while we wait, we stand firm on our rights granted to us by God and the United States Constitution. More variants will likely come, but We The People will continue to stand and fight for the truth to be exposed.



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