Gavin Newsom recently unveiled his 2022-23 state budget, which he calls the California Blueprint. While there are plenty of Marxist plans in this $213 billion bill, many conservatives are outraged at expanding healthcare to low-income Californians and illegal aliens.

This is not the first time illegal aliens in California have received special treatment. Newsom has used state taxpayer money to cover the healthcare of illegals age 26 and under since 2019 and began covering illegal aliens age 50+ in 2021.

With the California Blueprint, Newsom hopes to have all illegal aliens receive free healthcare by 2024.

Democrats have long utilized illegal immigration to increase their voter turnout. There is no better way for Gavin Newsom to incentivize illegal immigration to his state by advertising free medical care to the hordes of drug dealers, rapists, and criminals coming across our southern border. California’s new healthcare policy is universal, meaning that it applies to all people regardless of citizenship.

The California Blueprint provides a range of diabolical services, including state-funded abortions via the Medi-Cal system for low-income citizens and illegal aliens alike. Yesterday, Newsom took to Twitter to proudly announce the expansion of baby-killing practices in his state:

Newsom proudly leads the leftist death cult that cheers on women to kill their unborn babies. It is disgusting that Newsom refers to the murder of babies as the expansion of “reproductive care.”

By making abortion free for illegal aliens and low-income individuals, all Californians are complicit in the murder of babies as their tax dollars are funding the practice.

Understand the messaging behind Newsom’s “California Blueprint.” Newsom intends for his state spending bill to be the “blueprint” that the rest of the United States will follow as it falls into the clutches of socialism.

In addition to socialized medicine, the California Blueprint also creates a statewide gun buyback program. This program mirrors the one implemented by Australia to remove all firearms from citizens, so only the government has lethal power.

Many conservatives rightly believe that the Australian government has been able to enforce COVID concentration camps and other draconian measures against their citizens largely because they have no fear of a population with no firepower to protect their inalienable rights.

If you are a conservative in California, you should have left the state long ago. There is no hope for California to turn back into a red state as they encourage waves of illegal immigration through free healthcare coverage.

While freedom-loving Americans watch the demise of a once-great state, be aware that Newsom’s leftist agenda is coming to the rest of the country. His new spending bill, the California Blueprint, is a blueprint that Democrats wish to federalize and impose on all Americans.



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