Lockdowns are killing Americans of every age, race, faith, and political affiliation.

Here are some examples that prove it…

– 325,000 Americans skipped chemo in Spring of 2020.

– 50% of heart attacks/strokes did not call an ambulance.

– 65% to 75% of cancer screenings missed.

– 85% of living organ transplants not done.

– 300% increase in teenage self harm/deaths.

– 200% to 300% increase in teenage anxiety and depression.

– 52% of college-aged kids gained unwanted weight, average of 28 pounds in 2020.

– 400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis.

– Tens of millions more babies dying of malaria.

Last but not least, lockdowns pushed 130 million people into poverty.

Our society must wakeup to the truth about what’s going on in our nation before millions needlessly die.