The Canadian government has seized on the omicron variant as an opportunity to reinstate COVID shutdowns throughout Ontario. On Wednesday, new Ontario COVID requirements will prohibit almost all indoor activities.

Premier Doug Ford announced the new wave of lockdowns and plans to keep them in place until at least January 26th. In addition to banning indoor dining, alcohol sales are prohibited after 10 PM, retail shopping must reduce capacity by 50%, schools will be online, and all indoor venues such as theaters, museums, and cinemas will be closed.

Small business owners in Ontario are the most negatively impacted by this new wave of lockdowns. Canadian Broadcasting Centre released an article titled “New COVID-19 measures could spell the end of thousands of Ontario businesses, CFIB warns.”

Multiple small businesses owners spoke to the media outlet and stated the following:

“We’ve had nearly two years of lockdowns and restrictions. Sadly, we are going backwards and not forwards. Any little glimpse of hope that was out there on the horizon seems to be snuffed out at this stage.”

“It’s oh so depressing. Thousands of businesses are just not going to survive this additional round of lockdowns. Many of them are just not going to make it.”

“It’s a little bit demoralizing, because here we are, back in the same lockdown that we were last year. I think we all thought that we were out of this.”

For leftists, the pandemic lockdowns serve two purposes. The first purpose is to acclimate its citizens to an authoritarian regime that can take away their freedoms at any time. The second function is to bankrupt all hardworking small business owners.

By bankrupting businesses, the government forces individuals to become reliant on the government through welfare programs, making it extremely easy to usher in a socialist welfare state once the majority of the citizens become addicted to government money.

Ontario Finance Minister is already plotting to get small business owners addicted to government money. On January 3rd, a spokesman tweeted the following:

Ironically, the Ontario Finance Minister is pretending to be the ally of small businesses by planning on a relief package for small business owners. This “much-needed” relief would not be necessary if his government did not infringe upon the liberties of business owners in the first place.

The government of Ontario has now announced an expanded rebate program for businesses affected by the new COVID lockdown.

This rebate program only serves to make Ontario leftist politicians seem proactive in aiding small businesses while not providing any substantial help at all. For certain businesses ordered to close, the government plans to pay 100% of their property tax and energy costs. Such funding will, quite literally, only keep the lights on. These businesses will still be stripped of their ability to make enough money to sustain themselves and their employees.

Our Northern neighbors are facing some of the worst COVID-inspired oppression of any nation in the world. As businesses across Ontario shut down, we can only hope that this will serve as a lesson for U.S. politicians not to follow Canada’s path. Still, knowing the Biden administration, they may see it as a source of inspiration for their own lockdown measures.



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