As Democrats smear all conservatives as insurrectionists through their January 6th investigation, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has some questions of his own surrounding that day. During a Senate hearing on domestic violence threats, Cruz explored evidence of FBI involvement in instigating the January 6th Capitol riot. 

For those hearing this for the first time, it may sound like a crazy conspiracy. However, there is disturbing video evidence of a man named Ray Epps directing Trump supporters towards the Capitol building.

Despite all rioters being prosecuted to the fullest extent by the federal government, Epps has somehow gotten off scot-free. Big Tech is actively scrubbing videos of Epps on January 6th from the internet, but you can see some of the clips of him in the middle of this article.

On January 5th, Epps can be seen in a crowd of Trump supporters stating the following: 

“Guys, guys… I’m probably going to go to jail for this. Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol.” Epps continued to shout, “Into the Capitol. Into the Capitol.” 

This shocked many of the Trump supporters present. Many saw right through Epps and suspected him of being an FBI plant. They chanted at him: “Fed Fed Fed Fed,” insinuating that he was a federal agent planted in the crowd to incite a riot. 

Epps was also seen in DC on January 6th on two occasions. In the first instance, he can be seen giving directions to the Capitol building, stating: 

“As soon as our president is done speaking, we are going to the Capitol where our problems are. It’s that direction. Please spread the word.”

He was also seen whispering in the ears of individuals against the barricades blocking entry to the Capitol building. After he finished whispering, those individuals began tearing down the barricades. 

If Democrats were legitimately interested in why the January 6th Capitol riot took place, they would be looking into Ray Epps. However, if you search his name into Google, you will only see mainstream news articles on why Epps involvement in the January 6th riots is a far-right conspiracy theory. 

Thankfully, Ted Cruz had the courage to ask Assistant FBI Director Jill Sanborn on Epps’s involvement in inciting the events of January 6th during a Senate hearing. Here is some of the dialogue between Cruz and Sanborn: 

Cruz: “How many FBI agents or confidential informants participated in the events of January 6th?”

Sanborn: “Sir, I’m sure you can appreciate that I can’t go into the specifics of sources and methods.” 

Cruz: “Did any FBI agents or confidential informants participate in the events of January 6th, yes or no?”

Sanborn: “Sir, I can’t answer that.”

When the Assistant Director of the FBI states that they cannot answer whether or not federal agents were planted among Trump supporters on January 6th, understand that this is an admission of guilt. If there were no FBI agents or confidential informants at the January 6th riot, Sanborn would have felt free to say so. 

We live in scary times where the Democrat party likely colluded with the FBI to incite riotous behavior among Trump supporters on January 6th. Their intention was to smear Trump and his supporters as domestic terrorists and threats to democracy.

We can only hope that Cruz and other Republicans continue to investigate what actually took place on January 6th and uncover the leftist plot to destroy our nation. 



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