Canada recently implemented a proof-of-vaccination policy for all cross-border drivers, leading to the biggest uprising against pandemic authoritarians to date: “Freedom Convoy 2022

Take a look at some of the best clips from the Freedom Convoy’s journey across Canada courtesy of

 This movement was sparked by Canadian truckers coming together in a 70-kilometer convoy headed to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to have their voices heard. Not only is this the largest protest against vaccine mandates, but it is also the largest convoy in recorded history.

The previous world record for longest convoy was 5 miles long with 480 trucks. The Freedom Convoy smashes this previous record with nearly 50,000 trucks, and it stretches approximately 45 miles long. 

It’s not just Canadian truckers involved in the Freedom Convoy. Their American brethren have also joined the fight. It’s been reported that 675 trucks have come from Georgia, 420 from Colorado, and 650 from South Carolina. 

Freedom Convoy has gained massive support across Canada, with even those who are vaccinated standing up for the medical freedom of truckers. Despite this enormous support, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has smeared the Freedom Convoy as a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views.” 

Trudeau accuses the Truckers of not representing “Canadians who have been there for each other,” insinuating that only citizens who have taken the experimental jab have shown empathy throughout the pandemic. Trudeau’s statement is an absolutely disgusting smear tactic, which is nothing new for Fidel Castro Jr.

While Canadians and Americans were locked in their homes due to government COVID measures, truckers continued to transport necessities. 

Leftist authoritarians hoped to use the pandemic as an opportunity to seize more power from the people and create a new communist utopia, but they have failed. It is evident, with movements like the Freedom Convoy, that Canadians and Americans will no longer tolerate liberty infringing mandates, and a backlash is coming for all liberals in government positions. 



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