The FDA expanded the Emergency Use Approval of remdesivir. The drug is now approved for high risk COVID patients who are not sick enough to be hospitalized.

That is the same group of patients that are eligible for monoclonal antibody infusions which are in short supply.

Remdesivir is dangerous! It killed 53% of people in the NIAID Ebola study. In the Giliad study, 31% of the people had serious life threatening renal failure, liver failure, hypotension, sepsis and or death (8%). This study was stopped 5 days in.

Remdesivir failed the NIAID COVID study. There were 66% serious adverse reactions and the study was terminated early.

The COVID study found that remdesivir was not associated with statistically significant clinical benefit. All the studies failed the safety committee review.

Hospitals and clinics will be allowed to administer remdesivir to non-hospitalized patients on an “off label” basis and the FDA’s move may encourage more doctors to consider the drug for these patients.

This will not alleviate wide spread COVID treatment shortages because it is difficult to administer as it must be given intravenously over 3 consecutive days at a hospital or clinic under the direct care of a physician. Access will be very difficult for the vulnerable patients who are ill at home.

In addition, doctors are overwhelmed with cases and hospitals are dealing with widespread staffing shortages, and remdesivir costs $390-400 per vial.

Ivermectin, which is approved by the FDA and NIH costs $31 to $78 depending on insurance. It won the Nobel Peace Prize in medicine. Hydroxychloroquine which is FDA approved and used “off label” for COVID costs $21-$59 is safe and effective.

There is absolutely no reason to push an expensive, ineffective and dangerous drug on the American people when we have safe and effective therapeutics like HCQ and Ivermectin.


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